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structural integrity and various other things in your house

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The old adage that ‘prevention is easier than cure’ is true in the case of pest control. If you have the chance, there are some simple measures you can take to prevent bugs and rodents getting in to your house and establishing themselves in the first place
About Pets

About Pets

Wherever there’s food, there’s ants. They can enter through the smallest cracks, and will usually bring all their friends and family with them to conquer your house! They are able to nest anywhere around your house, whether it’s in your walls, or under the floor.
Effects on Health

Effects on Health

Even fruit and vegetables that we think are clean could have been sprayed over a dozen times before reaching the supermarket shelf. Some of the most dangerous chemicals such as organophosphates have been linked to a wide array of health issues such as cancer, infertility and chronic fatigue.

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Welcome to All Pest Control, a great online resource for all your pest control information needs! Whether it’s pests in your home, garden or even on a commercial premises, we’ll help you keep them under control with simple, straightforward information and DIY guides. Need a little more help? We’ve also got resources on how to choose the right professional pest specialist for your job.

We understand that not everybody has the time or money to deal with a pest control professional. That’s why we’ve put together simple guidelines and DIY instructions on preventing pests entering your property in the first place. You may be surprised at how simple it can be to stop crawling and flying bugs getting inside, and how easy it can be to repel them so you get a home (or store, or office, or plant) free of damaging, unwanted visitors. Not sure what kind of pests you’re facing? We’ve even got articles listing the most common and most damaging pests, so you can identify the issue and put the right measures in place ASAP. All Pest Control even has planting guides and recipes for repellents!

Worried about chemical safety, when you’ve got small children or pets around? We also advise on safe yet effective pest control alternatives, so you can get rid of rodents and bugs without having to vacate your home for fumigation. Wondering how effective the latest pest control gadgets are? We’ve got reviews and reports on everything from spray chemicals to bug bombs. We also publish articles on interesting related topics from time to time, to give you a well-rounded view of the pest control world.

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