Choosing A Custom Shower

When shopping for a custom shower or sliding shower door, it is important to first consider what exactly it is you’re looking for. Whether you’re renovating, remodeling, or updating an outdated bathroom or ensuite, choosing a bathroom setting or shower can make all the difference to the value of your home and the comfort of yourself or your family. There are a range of custom showers on the market, both in-store and online, and all at varying costs and qualities.

It is easy to opt for the cheaper option and going down the DIY route, and for some people this could be a great option if you’re looking at selling or installing a shower in an ensuite or guestroom bathroom. However, in most cases it is always better to choose for quality, even if that means paying a little bit extra. Your shower should last you a lifetime of daily use, and if it isn’t of quality then it may actually end up costing you more in the long run (repairs, updates, re-fitting, etc.).

It doesn’t matter what shape or size your bathroom is, a professional and qualified installer or bathroom architect can design a shower to best serve and fit your unique dimensions. By hiring a professional for shower screen in Perth , you are getting peace of mind that your bathroom or shower installation will be of the upmost quality and standard. A local professional will be able to come in and measure your bathrooms dimensions, as well as design and create a shower that will best fit your bathroom in both its size and appearance.

You can find professional bathroom or custom shower installers in your local directory or online. Many companies offer free quotes as well as an example of custom showers, styles, and fittings. It is often difficult to decide what type of shower, shower door, and fittings are best you’re your needs and preferences, this is why it pays to have a look at these online portfolios as well as the range of online Blogs and Pinterest pages that provide photos of custom showers. The most popular form of shower is the frameless shower, as it provides a more sleek and modern look. Frameless showers are a great option, and are usually more practical than sliding doors as you don’t get that risk of the shower coming off its railing or getting stuck or caught- which can be very frustrating!

Frameless showers are also popular for families and couples with young children as it provides for a more easy access, and is often more safe to function. When it comes to custom designing your shower or bathroom, it pays to do your research and find out what kind of latest styles of bath screens in Melbourne you like. Have a look at the different options of materials, frames, panels, tiling, and fittings available and talk to your bathroom fitter and designer to come up with the right option for you and your home.

Wall Hung Bathroom Options

A lot of thought goes into modern bathroom design. Gone are the days of dingy, small, dark rooms with poor ventilation and low quality plywood fixtures with coloured tubs and basins. There are now vast options in bathroom furnishings and fixtures in Melbourne, with wall hung sink cabinets and designer toilet vanities taking full advantage of these advancements. The entire ensemble makes the bathroom visually appealing as well as easy to clean. With more products entering the market, the wall hung design is a luxury that many are now able to afford. This article takes a closer look at the products available for those wanting the elegance and functionality of a wall hung design.

There are large range of bathroom vanities for sale in online that are designed to be suspended off the ground. In either a single or double basin, there is a size that will suit any space. If you are looking to purchase bathroom vanities in Cheltenham, this page will guide you to get the quality vanities at affordable rates. Materials can be natural, such as wood and stone or man-made, like ceramic, glass and acrylic. There are a full choice of colours, including white, black, brown, red, blue, green, yellow, purple, pink, orange and a wide selection of wood grains. Prices can be very reasonable depending on if you purchase a flat pack, individual piece or a whole unit.

Moving onto the mirrors, which usually hang above the vanity; they are available with or without storage, in many different designs. Some can swivel and can be moved while others are fixed to the wall. Many designs incorporate a mirrored storage cabinet which can be purchased to match the vanity below.Tap ware can be basin or tub mounted or wall mounted. There are water feature designs that cascade into a basin or bathtub like a waterfall, one piece swivel or tradition three piece sets. There is additional tap ware required for the shower. This can be wall mounted or have snake like hoses that can be moved. Some mimic rain as they are large enough to stand under to be covered in water. Tap ware comes in chrome, white, black and coloured varieties.

Toilet systems can also be suspended from the floor. Most have the system built into the wall, with the toilet bowl suspended. These have sleek designs, with soft closing lids and can be accompanied by a bidet. Others have the entire unit exposed and suspended. White seems to be the most common colour, with few black or coloured systems on the market. Stainless steel toilets can be used and for those wanting a personalised toilet with a splash of colour, this material can be powder coated.
They either prefer to go without a screen altogether or opt for a frame-less or semi frame-less screen. The piece is often a large, sturdy piece of glass which separates the shower from the rest of the room. This draws attention away from the shower and generally onto the floating vanity.