Four Reasons Why Small Businesses Needs A Computer Network

Computers are an important asset to any business because it is an efficient and effective tool to use while also giving you the benefit of allowing you access to the internet. The external benefits of having a computer are obvious to many businesses such as online marketing, social media, online advertising and so on. However when it comes to internal usage of it within the company like creating a computer network setup, small businesses are reluctant to pursue it because of its cost and due to the size of the business they think it is not a necessity. However it has its benefits and here’s why.

Tech Sharing

You can save money from buying more printers and scanners if you have a computer network system. One printer or scanner can be used and accessed by multiple employees from their own computers rather than having individual printer or scanner for each employee. Same can be said for applications or software your office uses for the business to function. Rather than set up and install these software’s in every computer you can just have one on a sharing network where the entire company can gain access to it. If any updates were to take place it would automatically update it for every computer that has the software.

File Sharing

Setting up a computer network can allow you to share files with others within the company. Once the network is set up then you can upload any file to the server which will then be accessed by others. If you feel like this is a security risk, don’t worry as restrictions can be set up where only employees with a link can only access the files. If you have security issues don’t hesitate to call computer support in Cairns to get these issues fixed.

Remote Access

There are times when you want access to files that are not with you when you’re outside of work because they are stored back in the computers office. Once the server installation is done, it would allow you to access files from anywhere and would give businesses the opportunity to allow their employees to work from home.

Efficient Teamwork

If you work as a team and need access to the same documents and files then it would much more efficient for you set up a network. These files can be accessed and edited by any of your teammates thus making your operations smoother and faster. This is not limited to just your own office as somebody from another location too can gain access to it if they are given permission to do so.

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