Four Signs Of Water Damage

There is one element that any home owner should be aware of when it comes to protecting your home, water. It’s something that home owners overlook because it doesn’t pose as an immediate threat at first. Water damage can occur for many reasons and have a lasting impact if not spotted early on. So if you want to avoid costly damages you need to understand why these damages happen, as it could help you predict when water damage may occur. 

Household equipment

You should constantly monitor any equipment which requires water, which means a pipe will be there, for it to work. Equipment like dishwashers and washing machines are likely to lead to more wear and tear which means their pipes are more likely to burst and cause a leakage. These appliances are also susceptible to fire, particularly where there is a water leakage and it managed to get into some electrical wiring it can cause a spark which can lead to a fire.


Pipes run throughout the house as they provide water for the occupants but they too can be vulnerable especially old pipes. If your pipes are old and corroded then it would be better to change them and to avoid future damage consider waterproofing Sydney your pipes. Pipes can also breakdown in case of a blockage and the more you turn on the water the more pressure that is taking place. This can also happen when there are plumbing problems at your home. This enormous pressure will eventually breakdown the pipe and cause major spillage.

Basement and Roof space

If you are constantly finding molds it would be best to add a waterproofer to both your roof and basement to prevent further damage. Both the basement and roof are notoriously know for the development of mold. Mold is a result of water leakages or built up moisture and if left untreated it can lead to structural damage of the building. Air conditioners are also a factor when it comes to mold in your roof. Air conditioners require constant servicing and if you ignore it not only does it create mold but it would make the mold bigger.

An expensive water bill

We all would like to save money on utility bills so we are aware on average of how much we would spend per month. If your water bill starts going up you definitely know that there is some potential issues happening. A leak, even a small leak, can get the meter running and it would make your water bill more expensive.

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