How To Secure The Front Door Of Your House?

The front door of the house is most often neglected by house owners. The statistics say that maximum burglaries take place from non secured front doors. Therefore, it is highly important to secure your door for your home safety. By doing so, it not only prevents burglars entering your home or flat, but also keeps all house members safe. There will be no signs of danger related to theft or other incidents that normally takes place when the doors are not secure. Many properties are not equipped with adequate safety as far as the front door is concerned. Well, there are many ways through which you can find solutions to such problems.

High front door security

If you are sure that the front door of your house is not properly fixed and you anticipate danger, seek immediate help from emergency locksmith. Also check the door hardware if it’s an old one. The hardware on your door includes handles, fasteners, hinges, accessories and more. If you think that they need to be changed, wait no further and get it done at the earliest. However, be sure to purchase the same from a trusted dealer.

Avoid glass in your front doors

Most of the doors are made of panes of glass and they are embedded in the door. When the doors are made of glass panels, it certainly tempts robbers to break-in to your house. Burglars can easily break the glass and enter your home. The quality of door also makes a huge difference as far as safety is concerned. Regardless of the type of door you choose, be sure that locking system is fully in place. If the door gets locked from outside and the keys are at home, it is very unfortunate and can be frustrating. In such situations the 24 hour locksmith Belconnen can come to your rescue. Therefore, in addition to choosing the right type of door, you need to ensure that the other door hardware is also in place. Avoid glass doors to give quick access to burglars and choose wooden doors instead.

Give no access to your front door to visitors

The front door should never be the last resort of defense. It is always best to have some gates supervised by a security guard to allow or deny access to visitors entering your home. However, if it’s an independent house, hiring a security can be an expensive investment. Instead, install a CCTV in front of your door as it allows you to check the face of the visitor before you open the door. These are some of the basic tips to keep your home secure.

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